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Alterations Terms and conditions

For special occasion wear alterations such as Bridal, bridesmaid, prom, Mother of the bride and suits etc. Customers must give a correct event date for the alterations to be completed by. For all special occasion alterations, customers are required to bring the correct shoes, and undergarments which may affect the overall fit of the outfit. Any changes in these undergarments/shoes that requires additional work will be charged additionally. Any additional alterations added during fitting will be charged additionally. If additional appointments are required due to undergarments or shoes not being brought to an appointment then an additional £30 per extra appointment will be added to the quote. Any major change in size that effects the alteration, which then requires the alteration to be redone or adds additional work will be charged accordingly.

Out of hour appointment are available these are £30 extra per appointment, if required please discuss with the seamstress.

All customers must give a valid contact details and will receive a text message/ email or call when the alteration is complete. Any changes of these details, the customer must inform The Lancashire Seamstress. The customer are required to collect any goods with-in 1month of receiving the completion notification or the date given specified by their event. Unfortunately I do not have the space to store items after the last fitting. Once items are deemed complete and there are no further alterations required they must be collected at an agreed appointment. To store items after this point you will be charged a storage fee of £10 per week. 

Any items deemed uncollected will be re-sold or disposed of, at the discretion of The Lancashire Seamstress. The Lancashire Seamstress will not seek to gain a profit from the sale of these items but to recover the cost of the debt owed on them.

By leaving your items with The Lancashire Seamstress you are agreeing to the above terms and quoted price. Quotes are worked out by how long we predict the alteration may take at £35 per hour. If an alteration takes much longer than predicted then you will be contacted to approve any major additional costs.

Please make sure that you read through the notes taken during your fitting and what you are being quoted for. If you require any additional non fit/fit services that are not noted down then please let us know as any additional alterations will be quoted separately.

Once all the alterations are complete and you have had your final fitting to approve the fit. The garment then becomes your responsibility. Any further alterations required once the garment has been collected will be charged as a new alteration. It is important that any issues are raised during your fittings, please check you are fully happy with all alterations carried out. If you do change shape or decide on alternative shoes that effect the fit of your dress I will do my best to accommodate the new alterations that may be required, but you may need to be flexible with appointment times.


Wedding dress pressing - £30 -£50

Bustles added to trains £20-£50

Dress storing £5 per week

Bridesmaid dresses and flower girl pressing £10-£15





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