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Bridal Alterations

You've found you dream outfit for your special day and it's not quite fitting perfectly. I am here to help. From your big ball gown, fitted elegance or understated simplicity it is important to feel amazing on your special day.

I am fully trained in creating bespoke gowns from scratch so almost anything is possible when making adjustments to your gown.  

How the process works

Book a free consultation with our seamstress, which I recommend to be 10-12 weeks prior to your big day. Please email me some pictures of your outfit and brief description of what you feel needs altering.

 I will discuss all the changes that need to be made in detail during your fitting and give you a quote. A plan will also be made for how many fittings you will need. Please call or email to book in. I have a maximum number of brides I can see each week, so you can not book this fitting online.

 At the 2nd fitting we check all adjustments made and if any further tweaks or alterations are required. 

Complex alterations such as the dress being increased or decreased in size often require a minimum of 3 fittings. As often the hems cannot be altered until the body fits right.

Please make sure you wear the underwear and shoes that you will be wearing on the day so I can ensure the correct fit. If the wrong shoes or underwear are brought to the appointment I may be unable to carry out the fitting, there are additional charges if extra fittings are required due to not bringing the correct items or changing them during the fitting process if they affect the fit.

I recommend only bring those you trust to help you with any decisions you may need to make. Any small children I recommend are left at home if possible. As they often cause distraction from the aim of the fitting. The studio is a work room and not setup as a child friendly environment, so there are many pieces of equipment at arms reach. However I do appreciate sometimes it is not possible to leave them with someone else and I will do my best to accommodate.

The focus of your fitting is to make sure your dress is right for the day. We often don't have time for you to try on all your accessories during the fitting process. If you are wanting to order a veil or belt please let me know before hand as I may need to add more time to discuss the options.

Most commen Q&A

Please call or email to book in 


Most Common alteration price List

These may vary depending on the complexity of the construction and details of your gown  


1st Consultation                                                                                               Free

Appointment/2nd fitting or extra fittings                                                     £30per hour

Final collection appointment 20 mins                                                        Free

Bust darts added or adjusted                                                                     £60

Additional if beaded or lace needs redoing

Structured Bust pads adding                                                                       £20

Taking in at side with boning (sleeveless)                                                   £50

Take in side seams with sleeve                                                                   £80-£100

Take in side seams with beaded lace (sleeveless)                                     £80-£100

Take in center back at zip (with buttons)                                                £80- £100

Take in seams with beading  add to above options                     additional £30-£50

Adding Net under layers                                                                              £50 + fabric

Sew on Belt                                                                                                 £35 -£45

New Heavy duty bridal Zip changing/adding                      £30-50 dependent on fabric

Embroidery motif adding                                                    £45 + motif per panel

Shorten hem from  -see hem list eveningwear                                            £75 - £250 

Motifs adding                                                                                               £30-£50+ motif

Beading adding/fixing                                                          £40 per panel + beads

Adding Lacing to plain back                                                                        £110 + fabric 

Add Cap sleeve plain                                                                                  £40 + fabric

Add full Sleeve                                                                    £90 + fabric (for plain)

Add full Sleeve Lace                                                                                    £110 + fabric

Let out Wedding dress start from                                                                £100

Add Bustle to train                                                                                       £20-£40

Add Lacing to back                                                                                      £90+ fabric

Press Bridesmaid Dresses                                                                          £10-£15 each

Press Prom Dresses                                                                                   £10

Press wedding dresses from                                                                      £45- £60


Shorten  full layer rolled hem                                                                        £35

Shorten tulle layers  cut                                                                                £12 per layer

Shorten single lining layer add                                                                      £15

Vent or slit detail shorten add                                                                       £8-£15

Shorten regular (straight) with lining                                                            £25

Shorten regular machine stitched                                                                £15

Shorten circular skirt                                                                                      £35

Shorten hem pleated (Baby locked)                                                           From  £45

Additional if a rolled hem                                                                              From £55

Shorten layer with crinoline in hem                                                             £50-£150

Jersey Cut Hems                                                                                            £20

Bias cut hems                                                                                                   £40-£60

Shorten plain straps                                                                                      £10

Shorten plain lined straps                                                                             £15

Alter plain shoulders                                                                                     £20

Add £10 to alter shoulders with piping/binding

Add £15 to alter shoulders with beading

Add £10 to alter shoulders with cap sleeve

Add £15 to alter shoulders with lace

Add £40 to alter with full Sleeve 

Re sew beading by hand                                                                              £30 per panel

Add bra loop holders                                                                                     £5

Adding Sleeves to wedding dress with Straps                                         Starts from £80 plus fabric 

Adding sleeves to strapless dress                                                              Starts from £120 plus fabric 

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